Tom Zimmer
Friday, October 07, 2005
  Updated my Metropolis Entry
I have updated my entry on the movie Metropolis (by Fritz Lang), to include an offer to setup private showings of the Moroder version of the film. If you don't know about Metropolis, here are some links to information on the web;

Metropolis on IMDb
A fairly complete site on all the versions of Metropolis
Same as above, but direct link to the Moroder information My favorite version of Metropolis
A comparison of the various versions of Metropolis
And finally a Google search for Metropolis

Metropolis is a silent film made in 1926. It is readily available at your local video store in various version with a sound track that doesn't really go with the film very well. many people find it boring to watch, and unwatchable. I don't blame them, if they haven't seen the Georgio Moroder version. It is very sad that this version of Metropolis is not in distribution. Moroder worked with several modern (80's eara) rock musicians to create and perform a score for Metropolis that would help to communicate the range of emotion that he felt Fritz Lang intended. Most of the people I have shown the Moroder's version to agree that this version of Metropolis is night and day different from the other silent versions.

To be fair, I should also mention the Kino version of Metropolis, which is a true restoration.

The KINO International Restoration

Kino in association with the F.W. Murnau Foundation, completed a restoration a couple of years ago that used the original score to create a sound track for Metropolis that is clearly very good. The music in this version also matches the file very well. I can only say that I prefer the Moroder versioin, even though it is considered an adaptation by many people.

Which ever version you prefer, your time is well spent in learning more about Metropolis.

Here is a link to my Original metropolis entry.
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