Tom Zimmer
Saturday, June 28, 2008
  Chloe's Art and Debbie's Too

while relaxing, during an event at the Moose Lodge, Chloe (our granddaughter) decided to draw Debbie (Nana) and I (Ba). Here are the drawings she made. She is 10. Click any picture for a larger version.

Of course I had to take a photo, so you can see how we look in comparison, so here it is;

And finally, Debbie draw a picture of Chloe in return;

Just another relaxing Saturday afternoon.
  Prayer - The President's Points for July

I have been reading of late, a little book my daughter gave me, simply called "Prayer" by O. Hallesby. It was written in 1931, and she gave me an antique copy printed in 1964. She knows I have an interest in collecting old books. At the time she said she had been reading a later (non-antique) copy of the book, and had been finding it very helpful in dealing with some of the stresses in her life. Now there are probably lots of books that were written in 1931 that are not worth reading today, but somehow a book on prayer seemed to me that it could be worthwhile, since prayer itself hasn't changed since God created it several thousand years ago. Of course you might think you already know all there is to know about prayer, but having read a fair portion of Hallesby's book, I can tell you that you probably don't. Anyway, it is available at, and I think you will find it a blessing. Here then is a quote from my latest reading;

Note: Before this paragraph, he had just finished describing how a large number of lights in your house can be controlled by a small switch.

"When man fell into sin, his soul was not only cut off from God, but the whole wiring system was destroyed. To restore it, Jesus had to suffer and die. The wiring is now in order again. We may all re-establish contact with, and make use of, the powers of the heavenly world. And prayer is the mysterious little instrumentality whereby the contact is made, enabling the powers of His salvation to reach our souls and our bodies, and through us, to others, as far as our zeal and perseverance will permit."

The language may be a little dated, but to be clear, prayer is like the little switch that turns on God's enormous power in our lives, and his power flows through us out to everyone and everything around us, like flood lights on the world. I want to be a floodlight, I think it is time for some prayer!

Tom Zimmer
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
  It's HOT Out There!

Well, the ROT rally is over, and hopefully everyone made it through with minimal damage to motorcycle and body. I say that because, given there were many thousands of bikes there, there were lots of opportunities for accidents,and given the heat, there was lots of opportunity for sun stroke. Fortunately, most people realized plenty early that they were getting too hot, and found a place to rest in the shade or aid conditioning. A few people pushed it too far, and got seriously overheated, and I am sure some of them went to the hospital to recover. Personally, I stayed in the shade most of the time, and drank lots of water. I like to think of God as the shade, sort of the protection from the extreme heat. Some of us try to stay in His shade most of the time, some of us stay out in the heat until we get hot and then hunt for cover, and a few of us stay in the heat until it is almost too late. Christ is always there, waiting in the shade with that cup of cool water, waiting for each of to realize we need to come in out of the heat.

Thomas Zimmer


Sunday, June 15, 2008
  Sunday Music and Sermon from ROT Rally

I went to the ROT Rally this week, for the umpteenth year in a row. It was amazing as usual. We gave away hundreds of gallons of water, lemonade/Gatorade and coffee, snack crackers and thousands of shop rag tracts that CMA had specially printed for the ROT Rally. We blessed thousands of people while listening, talking and praying under our tent, encouraging everyone to stay hydrated and come back anytime for more life saving water. The temperature ran up to 100 every day.

I have a few pictures to post, but first I am putting up the videos (via YouTube) from the Sunday Service presented by CMA.

First song: Amazing Grace to the tune of House of the Rising Sun

Second song: Were You There

The sermon was given by: Kerry Gibson

We had a great time, we did 5 bike blessings at out tent, and more at other tents and after the service Sunday. I spent most of my time keeping the coffee, ice water and lemonade/Gatorade containers full, which was exhausting, but a joy. Everyone was very appreciative. On Saturday we used over 280 pounds of ice. Man it was HOT!

Here are a few photos I took, sorry I didn't take more, I was pretty busy (click any picture for a larger image):

First the hospitality tent;

Next the Zimmer Hilton that everyone shared (one at a time) during the week;

Special motorcycles;

Special People;

And there there was me. I think I got kind of worn out!

Tom Zimmer


Saturday, June 07, 2008
  Howard Low Memorial Ride - Fund Raiser

I went to support the fund raiser for the Howard Lowe Memorial Ride that raises money to help provide for the Veterans at the Kerrville VA Hospital. The event was small this year, but the first group of a dozen or so riders left Giddy Ups down on Manchaca at 11 AM. Tomorrow is the actual ride out to the VA Hospital, we will be leaving from the Y at Oak HIll at 10 AM.

Here are a few pictures I took, click on any picture for a larger version;

Tom Zimmer
Tuesday, June 03, 2008
  Howard Lowe Memorial Run this weekend

I hope to see y'all there!

Click on the image for a larger version:

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