Tom Zimmer
Friday, January 02, 2004
  Vertical Perfection - January

Why does God bother? I mean, if each of us “Christians” are His tool to bring His message of love to the world, why does God bother with ME? There must be other people out there that are better suited to God’s task than me. I know, I am willfully disobedient in lots of areas, lazy, self centered...did I mention lazy. Hmmm..., it is hard to understand why God chooses to use such and ordinary tool as I am. The really scary part is that there is no doubt in my mind that he does use me, sometimes just moments after I have been willfully disobedient. Dies His grace really extend that far? I think it does...I KNOW it does! Long after my own mercy has given out, God’s grace is just beginning. We forget (I forget), that God’s perfect plan includes the use of imperfect people (tools), to accomplish His perfect pur- pose. Of course not all of God’s tools are imperfect. Jesus wasn’t imperfect. Jesus was and is perfect, and is the perfect reflection of God in the world (yes, I know he is God), the perfect example for us to follow. At this special time of the year, when we celebrate the birth of our savior, and then make plans to “do better” in the new year, let us all agree, “we can’t do better”, that’s right, we can’t, because we are imperfect people trying to complete a perfect plan. It just isn’t going to happen that way. You see, God’s use of imperfect tools only works if we let Him do the work. We are (I am) just a tool. In and of myself I cannot accomplish anything that will be of any use to God. But if I (we) let Jesus be the worker, the artist, the servant, the engineer, the home maker, working through our hands, thoughts and speech, then God’s plan will be completed perfectly in His perfect way and in His perfect time. Why should I waste time solving God’s problems for Him, when He is so much better at doing that himself. Jesus, help me to let go, and just be, and available and a willing tool in your grace filled hands.

Tom Zimmer, VP
Some of the details of my life, as I allow Christ to live out His life through me.

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I am a Christian, Debbie is my wonderful wife. She is also a Christian, and my perfect helpmate. I have two adult children Pam & Chip, I have four wonderful grandchildren, granddaughters Chloe & Claire, and grandsons Ezra and Corbin. I am a Biker, I ride a 1999 Harley Davidson Road King, I am a member of the New Life Riders (Austin, TX) chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA), I am Chaplain of the United Clubs Of Austin (UCOA), I am the Author or Co-Author of several Forth computer language development systems including VIC-Forth, ColorForth (for the Radio Shack Color Computer), 64Forth (for the Commodore 64), F-PC (for DOS), Win32Forth (for Windows) and TCOM (a native DOS compiler), I am a Software Engineer for Thermo Fisher Scientific in Austin, TX, where I develop Windows C# applications for analytical instrument data processing and reporting.

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