Tom Zimmer
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
  Sputnik Tribute - The Fallen Warrior

I heard a couple of days ago that Sputnik, our fearless leader of TMRA II (Texas Motorcycle Rights Association) has passed away. He worked tirelessly until the end. He had a heart attack, and passed away early in the morning. He will be greatly missed.

As a small tribute, I wanted to post all the pictures of sputnik I had accumulated over the years. I am sure you all have many more, but here are the ones in my library; As usual, click any image for a larger version.

It was great to know you Sputnik, and I also know with confidence that you are now in a better place, riding your bike with Jesus at your side, enjoying the beauty of the heavenly highways.

Farwell Sputnik, you will be missed.

Saturday, June 26, 2010
  Chapter ride to Oatmeal and then lunch at Cooper's BBQ

We had the montly chapter ride today, and we went to Oatmeal to see the largest oatmeal container on earth! Well, in Texas at least. The temperature wasn't too bad, in the morning, below ninety. Then we rode out to Cooper's BBQ in Llano for lunch. It was my first time to Cooper's, and wow do they have good BBQ. They ahve sause, but it was so good right off the barbecue, I didn't even try the sauce. Then we smoked it home (as in it was smoking HOT!). Several people stopped part way home at the Potters to cool down.

I think it is time to start planning the next ride to Cooper's!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010
  Call Me Wacko! - Chaplains Moment for June 17th 2010

Call me wacko if you like, but I find my day goes better when I keep my eyes on the Prize. The Prize in this case is Jesus Christ. There are several stories in the bible about Jesus walking on the water, but there is also a story about someone else walking on the water. You might remember it, when Jesus was walking out to the boat that held his disciples, Peter saw him, and got out of the boat to meet him. He just got out and walked on the water. Everything went “swimmingly”, right up to the point where Peter realized what he was doing. Then, he began to sink, and sink quickly. Fortunately he was within arm’s reach of Jesus, and Jesus reached out and caught him before he went under. The two of them then started walking back to the boat and Jesus said “Why did you doubt?”. The point here is very clear. As long as we keep our eyes on the prize, we will be safe. If we look away, and start worrying about our circumstances then we will begin to sink. The good news is that Jesus is always there to catch us. Are you keeping your eyes on the prize?
Sunday, June 13, 2010
  Final Set from the ROT Rally

To finish up my posts on the ROT Rally, I thought I would end with a few of my favorites.

To start we have this image of the ROT Rally Trolley. I don't know where it was coming from, or where it was going, but it carried lots of people.

Here is an image of Janice (right), Kerry (middle) and.. well.. I don't remember his name, but they were having a great conversation.

And finally, my favorite image of the Rally. This is Bandido Santos. He is a really neat guy, and he is shown here working the crowd, selling Bandido support merchandise. The quality of the image isn't great, but gosh, wouldn't you buy a koozie from a guy like this?
  The Rush of Registration at the ROT Rally

Here is a series of images taken in registration, with very long exposure times. I like the feel of people rushing around.

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